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Is Elevate Academy a good fit for me

Elevate Academy is a meaningful professional growth experience for a wide range of educators and educational leaders helping them to reach their goals. 

If so, Elevate Academy may be exactly what you are looking for!

Are you… 

a certified KY educator with a current Rank III or Rank II credential?

a new educator who is ready for a raise while building or honing strong instructional practices?

an experienced educator who is ready for a raise while implementing evidence-based practices?

an experienced educator seeking a salary increase for improved retirement benefits while sharpening your expertise?

a school or district leader who is looking for a meaningful way to earn your Rank I?

an educator who is looking for a cost effective and customized way to earn a Rank II or Rank I?

Untitled design.png
Untitled design.png


  • Candidates must have a current KY teaching certificate with a Rank III or Rank II

  • No minimum teaching experience is required

  • CTE CAREER-certified educators are not currently eligible due to different rank change regulations

  • Educators cannot have completed a CEO program for rank change in the past

If you would like to verify your eligibility for Elevate Academy, please contact us!

Am I Eligible for Elevate Academy?

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