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The Elevate Academy Family:

Rebecca Gaddie
Chief Programming Officer
Elevate Academy | EPIC | 


Dr. Bobbie Noall
Elevate Academy Coordinator


Dr. Dale Goatley
Elevate Academy Director


Hillary Hoyt
Elevate Academy
Program Assistant


Janelle Tomes
Elevate Academy Coordinator

Laura Benningfield.png

Laura Benningfield
Elevate Academy

Content Advisor


Elizabeth Armstrong
Elevate Academy
Cohort Facilitator


Ashley Lile
Elevate Academy
Cohort Facilitator


Heather Kessler
Elevate Academy
Cohort Facilitator

Melissa Parocai crop.png

Melissa Parocai
Elevate Academy
Cohort Facilitator


Dr. James Niehof
KY District Liaison

Our Content Cadre Leaders:

Mandy Beasley - Music Education Content Cadre

Skip Cleavinger - English Language Learners Content Cadre

Dr. Grace Absher - Inclusion and Co-Teaching Content Cadre

Catie Embry and Bart Flener - Health/PE Content Cadre

Terri Stice - Educational Technology Content Cadre

Dr. Christy Bryce - MTSS Content Cadre

Dr. Audrey Harper - Social Studies Content Cadre

Dr. Bobbie Noall - Foundational Literacy Content Cadre

Elizabeth Armstrong - STEM Content Cadre

Dr. Angie Gunter - Disciplinary Literacy Content Cadre

Dr. Sarah Jennings - Educational Leadership (Instructional Coaching) Content Cadre

Lauren Budziak - Complex Communications Content Cadre

Joanna Jones - SEL Content Cadre

Brandy New & Elizabeth Armstrong - Math Content Cadre

Laura Benningfield - Deeper Learning Content Cadre

Laura Benningfield - Educational Leadership (Admin) Content Cadre

Jamie Spugnardi - Early Childhood Content Cadre

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