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Hear from our Elevate Academy Alumni!

"My favorite thing about the GRREC ED program was the flexibility to focus my learning on an area I chose and then receive trainings that were actually useful. I didn't spend a lot of money on a textbook I would never use again or spend hours sitting in a class that didn't do anything to improve my teaching. My experience has been invaluable, and I would highly recommend this route opposed to other more traditional rank change programs. I was able to learn and apply the knowledge gained in real time with my students."

-Jamie Putman, Muhlenberg County Public Schools

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"The teacher choice is refreshing and rewarding. The experience has improved my own ability to assess student learning and provided me with strategies to know how to address and overcome learning obstacles for my students."

-Samantha Huffman, Barren County Schools

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"I have loved that the work I do is authentic and beneficial to my classes at school. It's not busy work but real world applications. It's helped me to become a better teacher and look at what I need to improve upon . . . I am so happy that I took the route that I did and enrolled in the program at GRREC. It was the smartest decision I could have made as a teacher."


-Stephanie Butler, Cumberland County School District

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"It isn't 'extra' work. Instead, it allows me to focus on specific areas in my classroom and turn those weaknesses into strengths. This program has helped me to become more focused and become a better teacher."

-Keri Beth Turner, Monroe County Schools

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